Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme 2023: Benefits, Eligibility & Details

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Eligibility | TN CM Breakfast Scheme Application Process, Breakfast Menu, and Objective | TN Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme | Kids who eat breakfast are more energetic. Skipping breakfast makes youngsters weary, angry, and restless. Therefore, the Tamil Nadu state government has lately established the chief minister’s breakfast plan, which provides the most crucial meal of the day to children.

The Tamil Nadu government introduced this program on July 27, 2022; it would assist around 1500 government elementary schools, which will have approximately 1.14 lakh children, according to the reports. In this post, we will get a thorough understanding of the Chief Minister’s breakfast plan, as well as its eligibility requirements and benefits.

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme 2023

The Tamil Nadu government has introduced the Chief Ministers’ Breakfast Scheme for the first time in the state. As the most essential meal of the day, breakfast should never be neglected, as stated by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during an event announcing the program. Since children rush to get to school early in the morning, many children skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes youngsters weary, angry, and restless.

  • Under the program, breakfast will be provided to pupils in classes one through five.
  • The government approved 33.56 billion rupees for the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme on July 27, 2020.
  • In the first phase of this scheme Govt. will supply breakfast to about 1,545 government primary schools, resulting in around 1.14 million students receiving breakfast at school.
  • This will only give the most nutrient-dense breakfast to elementary school children on school days.
  • This scheme will be implemented through local bodies till it gets expanded and covers all of Tamil Nadu.
  • During the current duration of his party-led administration, the school lunch program will be elevated to a higher level.
  • A prepared meal consisting of 150–500 grams of breakfast with sambar and veggies is to be supplied to each and every kid. The government has also provided the breakfast menu for the five working days (Monday through Friday).
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New schools added to CM Breakfast scheme

A total of 112 new schools have been added to the breakfast scheme of Tamil Naidu. This means the scheme would help 6,500 children in Palacode primary schools. 112 government- and government-aided primary schools in the Palacode block will implement the program. There have been several meetings with government officials regarding this scheme to implement the plan in panchayats as well. The initiative was developed due to nutritional and physical growth deficits among government school kids, who are mostly from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

7,618 Coimbatore students to Benefit from Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme

The Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme will assist most elementary school pupils in Coimbatore. Chief Minister MK Stalin unveiled the initiative on July 27. The government has allocated Rs 33.56 crore for the program, which would be implemented in chosen areas by local councils.

According to the latest update regarding this scheme, Beneficiaries include 1,14,095 kids from 1,545 schools and Most of them are CCMC students. Coimbatore has 7,618 students from 62 schools. In the Coimbatore district, 1,119 pupils from nine schools in Mettupalayam municipality and 730 kids from three schools in Madukkarai municipality have also been picked. CCMC has issued a tender to cook and deliver breakfast Monday through Friday for three years. Under recent updates, a contractor will set up a single kitchen and offer breakfast to five zones. The contractor will cover all costs, including food prep, transportation, and student distribution.

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CM Breakfast Scheme would assist 81 TIRUCHY Elementary Schools

This program serves schools in both urban and rural regions at a cost of Rs 33.56 crore. More than 1500+ government primary schools in the state have been chosen, and more than one hundred thousand pupils will benefit from this breakfast program. This plan will assist a total of 81 schools in the Trichy district, of which 40 will be from urban regions and 41 will be from rural places. According to reports, the department has picked 123 staff members so far. In each school, a total of three staff will be engaged.

In addition, a professional chef will offer training for the employees in Chennai on behalf of the State Institute for Rural Development. The cooking procedure will begin at 6.30 a.m. so that breakfast may be served promptly and concluded by 9 a.m. These timings are to be maintained since students’ time and school time will not be wasted either. According to reports, urban schools chosen under the program would be administered by the Tiruchy corporation. The scheme will be implemented in schools beginning in September, and then will be expanded to additional districts.

Week Days MENU
Monday Rice Upma or Rava Upma or Semayya Upma or Wheat Upma with Vegetable Sambar.
Tuesday Rava Khichdi and Samay Kitchadi, Vegetable Khichdi, and Veet Rava Khichdi with Vegetable Sambar.
Wednesday Rava/Pongal Pongal & Vegetable Sambar.
Thursday Upma of Rice & Rava, Upma & Samay, Upma & Veet Rava, Upma & Rava Kesari, & Samay Kesari
Friday Rava Khichdi, Samay Khichdi, and Vegetable Khichdi, Rava Kesari, and Samay Kesari.

Note: Meals can be changed accordingly. It is said millet food must be added to the menu twice a week.

Tamil Nadu Amma Mini Clinic Scheme

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Overview

Scheme Name CM Breakfast Scheme
Launch By Cm M.K Stalin
Launch Date 27th July 2022
Beneficiary Scholl Kids (Class 1st – 5th)
Benefits Free Breakfast

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Objectives

The purpose of the session is to raise awareness of the significance of self-confidence among schoolchildren. Educating schoolchildren on the importance of mental and physical health by bringing in such messages will not only make students aware but will also raise awareness throughout society. The goal of the program is to ensure that schoolchildren have a nutritious breakfast, which will not only help them get off to a good start in the day but will also have an effect on their overall health. This project would assist a large number of elementary school pupils, and as a result, the state government has set aside an enormous budget of Rs 33.56 crores for the phase from 2022 to 2023.

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TN CM Breakfast Scheme Benefits

There are various advantages to the program, like

  • The breakfast program will assist students in grades 1 through 5 by offering a free meal in the early morning.
  • Breakfast nourishes the child’s brain and general wellness.
  • The scheme encourages children and also nourishes them.
  • With the aid of the meal, children who miss breakfast in the morning will not feel hungry at school and will remain attentive throughout the day.
  • The scheme provides initial benefits to approximately 1.25 lakh young people.
  • This scheme would help eliminate the nutritional shortfall in elementary schools, particularly in metropolitan regions where children from disadvantaged backgrounds lack the required nutritious meals in the morning.
  • More than 43,600 pupils in municipal corporations, more than 17,400 in municipalities, more than 42,800 in village panchayat boundaries, and more than 10,100 in rural and mountainous regions will benefit from the breakfast scheme.

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements needed to benefit from the Tamil Nadu CM breakfast scheme are:

  • Students must be from Tamil Nadu state
  • Students must be studying from class 1st to class 5th
  • The student must be from a government school

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Registration Process

The official website for the Tamil Nadu CM breakfast program will soon be launched, and we’ll keep you updated.

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Recalling the evolution of the scheme in the state over the past 100 years, similar programs providing meals to elementary school students, such as the lunch program in Madras, India, began in 1957. Then, in 1989, chief minister M. Karunanidhi introduced a nutritious meal plan, which is currently in operation and being enhanced. Similarly, this breakfast program in Tamil Nadu aims to provide students from affluent elementary schools with nutritional advantages, as well as to increase children’s self-esteem and improve their health.

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